Human Photosynthesis and QIAPI1

FAQ´s QIAPI 1 and Human Photosynthesis
All functions of the body come, depend on and are governed by human photosynthesis.

¿How does QIAPI 1 works?

When applied under the tonge, two drops 4 to 6 times a day, the base compound activates some biochemical reactions that were thought to happen only in vegetables. It is more logical to consider our similarities with vegetables than the opposite.

¿What is the importance of the chemical reactions activated by QIAPI 1?

The chemical process iniciated by QIAPI 1 is probably the most important biological reaction that is involved in the generation of what we call "life".

Remember that Life is formed by a Chain of Chemical processes whose order in any way it is fanciful, and it is the same order from the beginning of Life.

We can compare this process as a row of dominoes, in which, if the first tile is not properly positioned, the rest of the tiles will not fall, and the process will not occur. Something similar happens to our body’s reaction.

The role of this first step in the chemical reaction is so important that if it does not occur then both Animals and plants would not develop.

The practical importance of this reaction is shown by the fact that a lethal illness can be originated by a reduction of this chemical reaction, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, colitis, gastritis, depression, aplastic anemia, dermatitis and many other diseases.

But on the other side, up regulating the chemical process has the potential chemical energy to converting the vicious circle of the sick body in to a physiological healing, with the restoration of damaged living tissue to normal function.

Why we should activate this prime chemical reaction?

The following factors affect the stability of the virtuous circle called human photosynthesis:

1. Cold: This is the reason why many diseases such as depression, respiratory tract conditions worsen, arthritis, among others.

2. Female hormones: These hormones cause a wide range of medical conditions and illnesses in the women such as multiple sclerosis, thrombosis, varicose lesions, etc.

3. Caucasic phenotype (less melanin, less photosynthesis): Related to age related macular disease, born turnover, arthritis, self immune diseases.

4. Toxic compounds: Pesticides, Iron, Fructose, Alcohol, Antidepressives, Contraceptives, Anesthetic agents. It should be noted that Iron and alcohol are frequently consumed, that is why their use must be stopped in order to obtain benefits with QIAPI1. Their toxic effects last for years.

5. Stress. Stress turn down photosynthesis.

6. Old age. Human body capacity to take energy from light begin to lose at 26 y.o. approximately 10 % each decade, and after fifties goes into free fall.

Is it necessary to take QIAPI 1 for a long period of time, or is a short time enough?

Due to a wide range of conditions and factors that accompany the man throughout its existence such as stress, age, environmental toxics, contaminated water, pesticides, herbicides, metals, industrialized food, winter, the human photosynthesis is naturally turned down.

These effects is lowered even more with chronic diseases such as diabetes. This is why it is recommended to maintain treatment under these conditions for an indefinite period of time.

¿Is QIAPI 1 cancerigen, or is it teratogenic?

Absolutely not. QIAPI 1 fits all the legal, medical and ethical requirements to be used in humans at any age. Qiapi1 stimulates physiological processes of living tissues even in the unborn.

Protects newborns form cerebral palsy (periventricular leucomalasia) which is a main concern in the preterm birth and distocic delivery.

¿How often can I take the drops of QIAPI 1?

There is a wide therapeutic window, in acute disease; trauma or serious illnesses can be used to every Hour. It is necessary to evaluate patients’ response to the medicine, and administer it dose-response basis, in order to use the less doses obtaining maximum benefit.

¿Why is it administered under the tongue?

This pharmacological route of administration by which drugs diffuse into the blood obtaining a rapid effect without the need of going to the liver for the “first pass metabolism”. The benefit of sublingual administration is that it requires lower doses to obtain good effect.

¿Is it safe to use in children?

Absolutely. For instance, in sepsis (blood infection) it can be administered one drop in the mouth of the new born twice a day.

Usually this dose is enough. Dose increase must be evaluated according the response of the organism. Babies absorb the QIAPI 1 enough in the mouth, no matter it is not exactly sublingual administration.

¿What happens if I ever swallow the drop of QIAPI1?

It is harmless. The biodisponibility (effect) of the drug is reduced, which may be reflected in a less therapeutic response.

¿Does QIAPI1 blocks other medical treatments?

No, it does not block other drugs at all. We should only avoid iron and alcohol, because they stop the function and benefits of QIAPI1.

¿How does QIAPI 1 benefits diabetic condition?

Due to the good and physiological effects in the body as a whole, it is safe to use in patients with diabetes mellitus even in those patients treated with insulin.

Studies have demonstrated that the patients treated with insulin are requiring lower insulin dosages.

¿Which undesirable effects can fell I with QIAPi 1?

Mostly slight headache before disappear with the correct water consumption, this is two glass water.

¿ When will I start to feel the beneficial effects of QIAPI1?

Depends on how marked the signs and symptoms were, the length of the disease, age, sex. Although benefits may appear since the very first application, in average a patient must wait few days or weeks to compare the effect of the treatment.

¿The more time I take the medicine QIAPI1 leads to greater improvement?

Yes, indeed. The improvement is progressive as the biological responses of the cells appear. Patients must be constant with the treatment to give time to biochemical and anatomic repairs are done. When human photosynthesis has been deficient for years, anatomic alterations have happened for sure, such as destruction of the articular cartilage. Time of repair is different in each person.

¿What happens if I stop taking QIAPI 1?

Nothing happens. The improvement that has been reached may be slowly lost again, for example in Alzheimer’s disease.

¿Should I stop the treatment if I catch a cold?

It is not necessary to suspend the treatment if you get sick, instead, it is advisable to increase the dose every hour. One should think that any discomfort that appears is because photosynthesis is declining for one reason or another, and with increasing dose is improved; once the balance is restored, it becomes the dose of three drops under the tongue every two or three hours.

¿Is it necessary to take another Drug apart from QIAPI?

If the disease requires, yes, for example antibiotics, diuretics, hipotensive agents. All depends on what the doctor prescribes that he considers appropriately to the treatment.

¿And for kidney failure patients?

QIAPI 1 protects and improves kidney fucntion. Observed improvements in our practice have reached up an astonishing 80%.

¿And the hepatic cirrhosis?

Stops the progression and reverse hepatic cirrhosis following viral infection or other etiologies, and reduces significantly factors associated with progression of liver fibrosis.

¿In patients with aplastic anemia?

QIAPI 1 helps bone marrow to produce sufficient new cells to replenish blood cells. The beneficial effect is even more marked when used in addition with erythropoietin, although not necessary, except in severe cases.

¿In patients with Alzheimer’s disease?

The use of QIAPI 1 in these patients has been very satisfactory. QIAPI 1 improves drammatically memory loss, reduces the difficulty performing familiar tasks, helps solve problems with language and disorientation to time and place; and the general condition of the patient.

There are patients taking QIAPI 1 that have recovered their bowel and bladder continence. Other dramatic personality changes can be retrieved with the prolonged use of QIAPI 1.

¿In patients with Parkinson’s Disease?

Because the human photosynthesis is a reaction that occurs in all cells in the Body, when stimulated, it makes the whole body better. Is the sum of these achieves what we can observe in these patients.

When taking QIAPI 1, patients with Parkinson’s disease have improvements of motor performance and tremor. For instance they can walk better.Depression also improves.

¿Is QIAPI 1 an analgesic?

No. It is not an analgesic. QIAPI1 decreases the pain in different ways. QIAPI 1 enhances tissue physiological repair, and reduces or eliminates the cause of pain. For example, shortens the pain in the post operated patients, reduces arthritic pain, etc.

¿Can QIAPI 1 be used in a patient about to be surgically intervened?

Yes it can, and stimulating human photosynthesis in these patients may help the patient have better outcome and faster post-surgical recovery.

¿In hypertensive patients? QIAPI 1 helps hypertensive patients, due to the beneficial effect on hearth and kidney function.Recall that any body function depends of human photosynthesis.

¿In patients with hemorrhage of diverse etiology?

Human photosynthesis reverts hemorrhagic shock, and prevents damage in organs with pooled blood.

¿Can QIAPI1 be allergenic?

As in any treatment, allergies rarely may appear, but as with any other drug or less, it must disappear after stopping the medicine.

When symptoms of any allergy are prolonged we ought to consider lung or liver disorders first, which tend to manifest as a disease with a concomitant long-term allergic response.

But allergy QIAPi 1 is very rare.

¿Will there be other benefits added to the improvement that I achieve at the beginning of the treatment?

Yes, the initial benefits will continue with the prolonged use of QIAPI 1. The physiological healing of the living tissues, that with time leads to a better functioning of the whole body.

¿How does QIAPI 1 can help the complete body?

Because all the human cells no matter their function, need water. QIAPI 1 helps human cell to use the energy from the daily ingested water. This is how it benefits tissues, articulations, organs. Recall our body works as a whole.

¿Where can I buy QIAPI 1?

If you are in México, you can contact us by phone or e-mail and we will send it to you.

If you are a non-Mexico resident we need a letter from an establishment asking for the medicine in order to be able to send it out side the country.

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