Melanocrete (TM)

Melanocrete (TM)
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Product Description

Smart coating developed by Human Photosynthesis (TM) Research Center.

The advantages are:

a) Temperature control in both summer and winter. b) Improves air quality. c) Protects from Electro-smog. d) In closed rooms, air is always breathable. e) Bad odours diminish substantivly (bathrooms, stores with a great amount of merchandise, etc) f) Protection to your health. g) Improve notably the termic upset both in winter and summer, lowering markedly the need of conditioned air. h) Our Melanocrete (TM) Smar Coatings are easily placed on walls, with screws. i) Melanocrete (TM) Smart Coatings can be placed in houses, offices, and bussines like shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. j) The relatively high price of our Melanocrete (TM) Smart Coatings are recovered with the spare in Electricity Company invoice. j) Due to Melanocrete (TM) Smart Coatings do not need electrical energy, there is no CO2 emissions and our planet will apreciate it.

All the above features happen during night and night, without use energy, with no emission of CO2, the half life of our Smart Coatings are 30 years.

Smart Coatings can be manufactered in special finish and forms, in accordance to client specifications, previous quotation, due to price can change.

Presently, the grey color shown in product image is the only available.

We recommend to support Melanocrete (TM) to wall only with screws to avoid asinchronies.

Help us with the figthing with climate change, using Melanocrete (TM) Smart Coatings Instead conditioned air.

It is a valuable effort.

We suggest to place meter by meter, until the desired effect in temperature is obtained.

In geographic regions with more extreme temperatures, this is in winter or summer, it is conceivable that more meters of Melanocrete (TM) Smart Coatings will be needed.

Prices are by square meter. Colocation and Shipping not included.

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